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Special Friends Page:
Here is a special tribute to all of the countless and compassionate friends that anyone can have, YOU have become apart of our extended family that forever grows and this page is for you. Lyrics to songs have special meanings behind them and this song make us think of all of YOU! 

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If I Didn't Have You (Billy Crystal & John Goodman) - Monsters, Inc OST
(Sulley)If I were a rich manWith a million or two(Mike)I'd live in a penthouseIn a room, with a view(Sulley)And if I were handsome (No way)It could happenThose dreams do come trueI would...

All Music/Video is protected you will for sure find almost every piece of music used at the resorts and parks. All rights go to the original song owners (mainly Disney), Mousebits, and the people who shared these for everyone,as is our photos and videos.


3 BRAVEST BOYS in the world
                                                                                                Racer X Motorsports

                                                                     The Hoke Girls at the 1st "Smiles for                                                      Terri Golf Outing".
Tony with his 1st love Zoe!


Tony and our family w/the Witmer Fire Co.                                      Tony's 1st Truck Driver in the                                                                                                                  Make-A-Wish Convoy Debra                                                                                                                  Glory

Tony w/ Lancaster Barnstormer's Mascot
 "CYLO"                                                                                   Tony chosen as the "Texas Ranger"
                                            at the Hoop- Dee- Doo Revue Fort                                                        Wilderness Campsites & Resorts


Tony w/ Daulton Heisey                                                                     Tony w/Cylo and Joey Gotowski                                           


Tony and Dylan along with their siblings both                        Tony & I w/ the Mayor of Manheim &      awaiting digestive transplants!                                               dear friend and Santa (Brad Deppen).


Tony w/Niki Lannigan                                                                           Tony w/his brothers & Poppa


Tony w/ Rebekah Randler (BEST Face Painter)                      Tony w/ Marsha Peterson & Cuddly the


Tony w/ Rachael at Spring Yard Sale

                                                                                Tony w/ Brian VanScyoc (BEST Zumba Instructor)


Tony w/ Carissa (A 5 Organ Transplant Recipient)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tony w/Joel Osteen


                                              Tony marching w/ his re-enactors of                                                                                                      the 87th PA Vol. Infantry Gettysburg
 Tony w/ Gov. Tom Corbett of PA



 Tony & Melanie Orlins 
FOX 43

                                                                                                        Tony & his brothers  w/ Vita                                                                                                                   McHale of Blue Ridge Cable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



Tony w/ brothers and cousins at Gulf Shores, Alabama

                                                                                   Tony w/Brick from MK  Disney                                                                                                                        


                            Tony and Dom w/ new girls soon-to-be
                            Disney College Program "CP's"- Sarah,                             Paige,Maria,Shelby,and Leah on their
                                                                                                first night and our last 1/2013        

Tony w/ Meg Sadowski and Kelsey Hargrove
on their last night w/ Disney College Program


Tony w/ dear friend Brielle Kelly                                                 Tony hugging talking Mickey!


                                      Two hostess from a hotel in TN.

Two very special families Croppers and 
Kulish-Rhoades along w/A.Shelly & Yogi


Tony w/ the cast of "Pinocchio" at the Fulton                             Tony w/Dutchland Rollers


Tony & Dom w/ Alyssa's Bedtime Stories

Tony w/ Vinny and Kelly,Kannsas and Sydney
KOA in Pittsburgh,PA.


                                       Our 1st Road Trip to WDW 2009 w/
                                                Aunt Shelly

Tony, Nick Cropper and Miss Pennsylvania 2011


                                           Mommy, Tony and I 2006

Tony , Dom, Daddy and I 2007


Us w/ the Stunt Crew from Lights, Motors Action
Hollywood Studios

                                                                                                                                                Us w/ Niki


Tony w/ Amy from Horizon Healthcare

                                                                                               Tony w/nurses after study in Ohio '10


The Moul Family (Lexi has Hirschsprung's Diease)             Tony w/the Mayor and Fire Co of Lititz

The boys with Father Menei

Presidential Republican and Businessman Mr. Donald J. Trump

Philanthropist ,Businessman and son of Presidential Rep Nominee Mr. Eric Trump