ANTONIO FORTE TRANSPLANT FUND TRUST - Please help us , by helping him!

      April 13,2014  we had a great and humbling experience as we were apart our 1st ever DONOR DASH. Being among such great heroes of transplant recipients/donor families and those waiting like us ,especially in the City of Brotherly LOVE was amazing . Here are some shots of this most inspirational day of Organ Donation & Tissue awareness... With the Lord's will, we are planning for TEAM TONY to be their again next year.... 

      Our slogan "It takes GUTS to be on TEAM TONY" brought attention the disease of what Tony deals with and what he is waiting for. We have a T-Shirt fundraiser on-going thanks to "Apostolic Truth Apparel" for helping us with them... If you would like to order you can email (sizes,amts with name and address) :, we have all sizes both Adult and Youth...Cost is $20 plus s/h.

                                                            Our Team Tony!



Tony w/Cousin Jimmy Powell 
(both have been awaiting transplants).

Tony Forte 8, is the poster child with Gift of Life and has been patiently awaiting stomach,small & large intestine and liver transplant. It will take the unconditional love and decision from parents who save our child through the life of their child.If you are interested in becoming a team member/volunteer/or sponsor please email us at :