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A Mommie's Prayer........
All parents pray for the best for their children…
I pray that sickness will stay away from my family so that should the call come, Tony will be healthy enough for the transplant. 
I pray that Tony will wake up in the morning without vomiting and without pain.   
I pray that Vinny & Dominic won’t be woken up in the night with their brothers piercing scream. 
I pray that today is the day that Tony will eat a meal that today without saying his "tummy hurts". 
I pray today we will not go to hospital and if we do the doctors will finally know the answers. 
I pray that today Tony will not cry because the pain is too much and the words “my tummy hurts” will not be said. 
I pray Tony’s hickman line will give blood and his blood results are perfect.
I pray that GOD will grant us another day of Tony being home instead of the hospital.
I pray that Tony will not wake up with a fever and that his hickman line doesn't have an infection which can make very sick. 
I pray the nightmare of the last six years were just that …a bad dream. 
I pray today Tony can have a normal day. 
I pray today is the day we are told that Tony and kids who suffer from Hirschsprung's can be cured. 
I pray he can grow up and experience life as it should be, a kid without no strings and NO backpack. 
I pray he will enter adulthood and have a family of his own, who will not have this disease. 
I pray he will grow old and bury me not the other way around. 
But most of all I pray today is not the day that he is taken from us forever. 
I pray he will wake up and give us, as always his big bright smile.
I pray that GOD will grant me and Steve another day , full of the energy we need to care for him.
I pray for the day that when the call comes the family whose child was taken from them to give Tony life, that they will know each day how much we love them, how they will always be very special to us, and how we will be forever grateful for their sacrifice.

A Mommies Prayer~ dated January 2016
Monica Forte~ Tony's Mommy!