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" He's our Brother ":
Our Family has been in a hardship unlike no other-but thru it all , we are reminded everyday that GOD has a purpose and that as along as we have each other- there is nothing we can't overcome.
Brotherly Love-"He's my brother"
Brotherly Love-"He's my brother"
Vinny 11, and Dominic 9 have been supportive of Tony throughout his entire life. From the moment Tony was born, they have never left his side. They keep Tony's spirits high whether he's in hospital or while at home. When it comes to the fundraisers' the boys come up with the ideas and will hit the pavement running. Both Vinny & Dominic were awarded by Walt Disney World the title as Grand Marshal's of the Magic Kingdom on Oct 2,2011. Vincent was nominated by the Eisner Foundation, 2012 Kohl's Cares, 2011 Recipient of Gradient Gives Back Foundation and was named a Hero thru Kids Are Hero for their selfless acts of compassion towards others ,but especially their brother Tony. Although they have a sibling who has and will need alot of attention, they really have had to be accomdating to Tony whenever the need arises. They are limited to extra- curricular activities- (no sleepovers or playdates at their home for fear of germs). And for an entire year they have had been cyber schooled which was the hardest decision we as parents had too make, but understood the high regard by Tony's teams of Dr's in keeping Tony healthy as we await transplant. Although the boys miss their friends, they have come to realize how great the need to be protective of Tony. Once Tony receives his greatest gift, then all 3 will be able to return to St.Anne's as the "three musketeers". We,as a family have come too be appreciative of the simple things in life.We try to cram very bit of happiness into everyday for we as a family know all to well the early days of the unknown from hospital admissions,long separations of each other as one of us would stay the duration with Tony (he was never alone), while trying to manage the stability of the boys at home. We live everyday to the fullest. Tony is truly lucky to have such BIG brothers with broad shoulders. And for us, we are truly lucky to have Tony for he has taught us so much.For brothers going thru soo much , they have learned to lean on each other,appreciate each other and for children who are critically ill that have to live in hospitals.They comfort one another, especially now since Tony is older and is starting to realize that he has restrictions unlike his brothers. When I think of them together, I think of the song "He's my brother". It seems to sums it up perfectly. We just are so blessed to have them and how we just love them so. XOXOXOX