ANTONIO FORTE TRANSPLANT FUND TRUST - Please help us , by helping him!

Today marks 3 months that we received "the call" that would allow Tony the life he truly deserves and one that has literally "no strings"!

                                                   Angel Med Flights
Tony w/Uncle Josh                                                              2 1/2hrs  later

Having that parent say YES to organ donation among their unbearable grief and being selfless in their decision just fills us with such emotion and compassion for them. They will always be apart of our life and will never be forgotten. They are our HERO!

We well up with tears when Tony's asked about how he's feeling when someone asks and he always makes it a point to talk about the donor and the family, "I'm not just taking care of me but I'm caring for my donor and I want to make them proud!"~ Tony Forte

A year ago to the day (11/23/15) we would have been leaving Disney. I and the kids as we would've embarked for home after his pre-transplant clinic visit with his team in Miami. We would have stayed with our dear and beloved Posey Family (Brandy, Matt and Mattie) in Homestead,FL who opened their home and hearts to us in this journey so we could be close to the hospital to make those evaluation and pre-transplant clinic appts and then on our way home but not before we would've stayed the night to be safe ( Steve was back home working ) on Disney Property creating a little bit of magic before driving the 16 hr journey back to PA.

Last year we had two days to decorate for Christmas and make Thanksgiving Dinner for my family and celebrate Dominic's 13th birthday!

This year, a day before Turkey Day, we are extremely blessed to have my family together ( minus my baby sister and my new brother-in-law ), that Tony is recuperating great after 13 wks of receiving the most greatest gift ever : LIFE,

Here's a long list of WHY we are grateful this Thanksgiving Season!

* That the Posey Family opened their hearts and home to allow us the evaluation and appts to happen last year. 

* That Stephen's employer Covanta Energy created the much needed temporary transfer to allow this transplant and our extended stay for Tony's recuperation to happen of which without the insurance would not have been possible, nor would we have our home in PA or income.

* That by God's timing allowed everything and I mean everything to come together in his time for Tony and our family, that we have the great team of surgeon's, doctors, nurses, staff that took care of Tony and us. 

* That if it wasn't for the Sirola Family, the Ciotti Family and Gigi our RV temporary home would not have happened while we help Tony recuperate and opened their hearts and home so that Dominic could stay with them.

*That the team for Angel Med Flights from Arizona flew us when we had a time of 5 pm to be at the hospital that night to be hospital or the organs would have been passed over! Jay and Aaron, the two pilots on board and the ambulance team got us here in the lobby at 5:07pm.

* That Tony's Angels here on earth- in the very early days these gals saved Tony's life when right after birth doctors said "he's healthy and make take a few days for him to poo" we all knew in our guts something wasn't right and knew if we didn't get the proper intervention that Tony desperately needed, Tony would not be here today. They took great care of the boys when they themselves were so very young so that Stephen and I could take shifts and remain caring for Tony while enduring lengthy admissions, my love for these gals will forever remain , they have and will always be part of my family : sister Shelly Walker Kise, Nancy Santaniello , Robin Santaniello and Marnie Santaniello Kaplan 

* Most importantly that we have organ donation and our donor family that not only saved Tony , but allowed him his 1st chance of living life! From the time Tony was 6 days old to 8/22/16 Tony was very much restricted of many firsts. Without our donor and his family none of these firsts could be made possible! They will be and forever will remain apart of our family!

And that we have all of YOU,
YOU not knowing that YOU did , but YOU all have fulfilled God's purpose in so many ways by following our journey AND supporting the boys fundraising efforts, has helped us in so many ways beyond words and tears , shared and prayed heavily throughout Tony's journey way before social media, sent cards of hope and strength and continue to keep us close on your thoughts and hearts. We are truly grateful.

Tony here walking 4 days after his major transplant w/ Aunt Shelly and Daddy!

The words to describe all of this has yet to be found , we currently are truly humbled by all of you and love you all so very much!

We TRULY are BLESSED this Thanksgiving and our most thankful for the blessings our Lord and Saviour have bestowed on us all! As my father used to pray and would include in his prayers, the disappointments, the struggles and the sacrifices our faith in our Lord and Saviour would be nothing. I'm so blessed, so blessed that we have something in our Lord and Saviour and wouldn't know what do without him!

To send cards to Tony please send them to: 
CB Smith Park & Campground 
c/o Forte Family Site 44
900 N. Flamingo Rd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Monetary donations can be sent two ways via check made payable to: 
The Antonio Forte Transplant Fund Trust and sent to: 2131 Fruitville Pike- Lancaster, PA 17601
Or thru his website at

We are here for an undetermined amount of time until we can head back home. Costs incurred that is NOT covered by any insurance is temporary lodging- hence the campground: food/gas/tolls/prescription medications that have co-pays and that sustain Tony's organs and his life are NOT covered.

We need your continued help!

Anyone back home that feels compelled to fundraise on behalf of Tony can contact my sister Shelly Walker-Kise , you can PM here or I got her direct contact at 717 314-8346!

Tony takes 16 med daily!

We love and miss you all, we hope wherever your heart takes you this Thanksgiving and the holiday season that you travel safely and are blessed with good health, laughter and love! 

Lovingly, the Forte Family
(Monica, Stephen, Vinny 16, Dominic 14 and Tony 11)